Sunday, February 1, 2015

Snow, peace, a new month, a new feeling of knowing self

February 1, 2015 and the snow keeps coming and coming.  Been awhile since we have had snow like this -- blizzard conditions this afternoon and evening..will have to see what the morning brings.  To sit inside and look at it is great and very beautiful, just when you go out to shovel.  But the focus is on the tranquility of the beautiful scene of nature.

My ranting earlier this week about worry and feeling down served as a stimulus to reboot myself and my energy.  The week ended with a huge boost of creativity and I got several projects done.  Moved into a different realm of approaching what was on my plate, personally, work, and spiritually. I owned the end of the week and am very proud of what I produced.  Took the opportunity for a newness and higher level of making material relevant to the end user. New inner spirit for myself -- stopped thinking about the negative and approached the level of possibility and happiness -- I got the best of movement towards the LIGHT instead of letting darkness be in control. There was that feel good sense within -- I was able to move to a different level of thinking -- not thinking about but rather thinking with the world energy.

I found this image and it really "says" where we all can find peace and knowledge -- when we come home to our Heart -- that sacred space within that has a security and peace that you cannot express in words but where you can sit in the comfort of knowing you are where you belong...I always think of it as the place where we feel the hug of divine energy -- we are wrapped in a comfort not of this world but of the ultimate peace -- the LIGHT.  There is no time or space limitation -- we are somewhere that is not expressible. Funny how we are so content when we are there but often we fight, at least I do, letting go of control and falling into the suspended animation of trust. When we sit within that peace, nothing can invade the inner questioning of doubt.  And so I realize that there is always within each of us that sacred place, we need to turn off the distractions, the things we think that we must do or must worry about.  I think of it as the free fall into the nothingness -- a free fall into warm, peace and truth.

So Sunday is wrapping up, will have to see what Mother Nature brings over night -- how the roads are -- and how long it will take to dig the car out again -- who knows might just be surprised.

I wish everyone the strength and trust to go into your Heart and find the ultimate realization of what can be -- feel the illumination of the LIGHT. I leave you with words for reflection...

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