Monday, January 5, 2015

Answer to my query...

This was posted to on FB by my good friend Olga.  It was like an instant burst of fresh air and exactly what I needed.  It was almost as if Olga knew exactly what I needed; actually we are often in sync and sent energy and light to each other to support and refresh. And so this is way this quote is for me.  Yesterday I posted about the struggle I have had to trust the inner urge I have had -- pulling me in an unknown direction.  Yet, this is exactly what I have been experiencing -- that inner whisper.  The call to slow down and to listen to the voice within calling me.  I usually make chatter to drown it out with my list of excuses or occupying myself with certain OCD habits. In essence I did not let go and TRUST.  I now understand that that whisper, that little voice I have had within is not accidental but is a call from the LIGHT to trust.  I have had many questions dancing around in my head about work, life, health, family and friends...all coming into a verge of worry and almost a constant list of "what if..."

And so now I am feeling a peace as I give into the little whisper -- it is like I could just free fall.  Thus, this quote is to me a message of how to walk and how to respond to life.  Not my running away from it but rather to totally give into the whisper within.  Ok, easier said than done, but I know not just cognitively but also emotionally and spiritually to  the urge I have felt is not of my making, and is not present just because but rather is an essential call from the LIGHT.  It truly is full of the truth that I seek. It will take me time to fully accept it, and I know my natural pattern will be to fall back to my level of uncertainty and need to be in control....but but a spontaneous post from a friend is the voice I have needed. 

Oh Trust, continue to call and whisper, be patient with me.  It will take me time but I am now so much more willing to float into the truth you bring.  So often the answers to our questions is right there -- present within, but because it is not in the tone we expect we ignore it.  The language of the LIGHT is full of gentleness and is a whisper.  I think of the comfort that one can experience from a whisper -- the calm and the peace it can give -- wrapping us in the arms of love and comfort.  It is that warm hand that holds us when we are afraid...and so I take the hand of trust and continue on this journey... Oh inner wisdom and truth hold me in the security of your love and ultimately your LIGHT.

ok -- the powers are strong today -- here is a prayer that just came in one of my email daily meditations

"Lord Jesus, your ways are life and light! Let your word penetrate my heart and transform my mind that I may see your power and glory. Help me to choose your ways and to do what is pleasing to you."

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