Saturday, January 3, 2015

More than just a is a need and desire...

I have planned to start my blog again all too long; there is always some longer can I white-wash the need and desire.

And as 2015 begins I wonder what it will bring. What unexpected events, what challenges, what happiness and how life will unfold.  In April of 2014 my entire like changed when i suffered a mild stroke -- it was certainly an awakening in many ways and made me rethink life and my say the least I no longer eat the way I now have awareness of medical conditions I must monitor and take medications for.  I am certainly a healthier person in the physical and at times in the spiritual and emotional.  Since April I have gone from 247 lbs to 167lbs.

My goal for 2015 is to get the same hold on the later two aspects as I have on the physical.  I make some progress in these two areas but then seem to fall back into old ways.  The key is regular acts and determination.  It is to act out of desire and not out of fear and obligation.  That is how I have made the necessary physical changes.  I start on the great path and then get lazy or create excuses. I cannot continue that way, I need the rebirth I have experienced physically within my emotional and spiritual awareness.  I bought a stepper to continue with the physical changes...and I guess all the books I buy are my steppers to a better emotional and spiritual life...problem is i do not always have the disciplines to act.

Ok self stop making the excuses and rambling just start to do it...rearranging stuff and moving books around is not reading and not growing.  Pick up the books and spiritual texts and start...not tomorrow but today.  Do not do this because it is a new year, you know how good you are with resolutions, do it because you want to and ultimately need to.  I often make MGM productions of things and never really make it happen.  I commit to me to change -- stop the TV watching and utilize my inner self to grow. I have felt a nudge, no more like a magnetic pull in that direction for sometime...I need to surrender and see where it will take me.

O self why do you always run
Why do you always plan but not act
What is it that you know you need
Honestly let go of control

The LIGHT has long been calling you
Even more it has been pulling you
Yet you constantly run and hide
It is the peace and truth you long

The inner unrest must be silenced
It cannot be silenced by you
It cannot be satisfied by planning
It can only reach peace in the ULTIMATE

Now is the time, it is the moment
What you long for, that peace
Is right there, stop running
Give in, trust and release the fear

The excuses are over, this you know
Trust and fall into the Light
Fall into the peace and strength you need
This is more than desire, it is life

This is the hand to hold,
The ear that listens
The heart that cares
It is the destiny you desire-PEACE

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