Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Good advice for the soul...

I found this passage and it really "spoke to me"... the more i read it the deeper the meaning seems to become.  At the same time, when I initially read it I thought, "oh yes very true, I can do that."  Yet, after several re-reads I am drawn into the deeper challenge, not the meaning but the challenge within.  It is in a sense a call to go beyond the self, and personal needs and to fly into the spirit of the needs of others.  It means to put others first and to accept the consequences that are within such a way of life.  It is to a degree a re-expression of the golden rule, but even more it is a set of mantras to live your life by.

I think one almost needs to break this longer passage up into short values that could be adopted daily to live by.  It is in a way taking each challenge and perfecting it and then moving to the next.  When all have been achieved you are a new person, you are a complete person.  You are become free from self and open to live and serve others.  It is a wonderful example of what it means to grow and ultimately to live in the LIGHT. I think the best path is not to jump around and perfect each attitude that is easy for you --  but to flow with the intent of the total passage, section by section.  If you slowly read it you can see that there is a progression of steps, it is as if you climb the ladder to an unselfish life, one that at each stage expresses a greater love for others.

And so I plan this week to work on "Hate no one ..." This really is at times hard and a challenge as it really means that we live from total forgiveness...we let me go and to accept the other.  I know that I take certain hurts very personally, and dwell on them, often to the extent of almost being OCD.  And so there is a real challenge to Bob here, to use the hurt not as a level of self-pity but rather as a catalyst to grow.  As a means to see and understand why I was hurt; and was it really my pride that got in the way.  To use hurt as a growth, means to look deeper into the self and understand where you can grow and improve. By letting go of the hurt, we free ourselves, and move closer to the LIGHT.  It is also an opportunity to help the one that caused the hurt to grow and move away from their own self-love.

I know this will not be easy, as I take many things personally, and often stronger than they were intended.  It comes from my age old self history of the need to please and have acceptance.  In recent years I have moved further from that level but it is still there at times.

O Soul free yourself
free yourself from hurt
let go of the anger
let go of your pity

Freedom of self is ...
It is the goal to happiness
It is the path to realization
Realization that we are more then self

The hurt is there and real
But you control its depth
You lock it within
You harbor it, control it

Move beyond and grow
You cannot deny it
But you can use it 
As a grace, not hinderance

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